Landscape Master Plan
C. Site Development Criteria

Building on the planning framework, this section provides supplemental guidance regarding site development design criteria and coordination that is specific to the intent of this plan. The organization of this section is consistent with the IFS and provides the user with details on background for approach, context, priorities, typologies, and elements for the subject areas. The nine site development sections include user-friendly criteria worksheets to use in design development.

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Site Design

  • C01.1     Introduction
  • C01.2     Design Objectives
  • C01.3     Site Design Criteria (SDC) – Overview
  • C01.4     Approach
  • C01.5     Plan Typologies
  • C01.6     Treatments for Specific Areas


  • C02.1     Introduction
  • C02.2     Design Objectives
  • C02.3     Design Approach
  • C02.4     Utility Typologies Criteria

Parking Areas

  • C03.1     Introduction
  • C03.2     Design Objectives
  • C03.3     Design Approach and Criteria
  • C03.4     Design Criteria


  • C04.1     Introduction
  • C04.2     Design Objectives
  • C04.3     Design Approach
  • C04.4     Design Typologies
  • C04.5     Stormwater Typology Criteria
  • C04.6     Design Criteria for Stormwater Elements

Sidewalks, Pathways,
and Trails

  • C05.1     Introduction
  • C05.2     Design Objectives
  • C05.3     Design Approach
  • C05.4     Plan Typologies
  • C05.5     Plan Elements
  • C05.6     Plan Elements – Coastal Zone


  • C06.1     Introduction
  • C06.2     Design Objectives
  • C06.3     Design Approach
  • C06.4     Design Typologies & Criteria
  • C06.5     Treatments For Specific Areas

Site Furnishings

  • C07.1     Introduction
  • C07.2     Design Objectives
  • C07.3     Design Approach
  • C07.4     Design Criteria
  • C07.5     Site Furnishing Element Criteria

Pedestrian Signage Plan

  • C08.1     Introduction
  • C08.2     Design Objectives
  • C08.3     Design Approach
  • C08.4     Pedestrian Signage Typologies
  • C08.5     Design Elements
  • C08.6     Level 1 Pedestrian Signage Design Elements
  • C08.7     Level 2 Pedestrian Signage Design Elements
  • C08.8     Coastal Zone Pedestrian Signage Design Typology
  • C08.9     Coastal Zone Pedestrian Signage Design Elements
  • C08.10     Pedestrian Signage Framework Plan


  • C09.1     Introduction
  • C09.2     Design Objectives
  • C09.3     Design Approach
  • C09.4     Design Typologies
  • C09.5     Lighting Typologies Criteria
  • C09.6     Lighting Elements – Luminaire Specifications
  • C09.7     Lighting Elements – Control Specifications

Section C provides worksheets for each of the nine site development areas for designers/contractors to review and use prior to completing the Compliance Checklist for submittal. The worksheets describe and illustrate the various typologies to be used in the site designs and include specific applicable criteria. Designers/contractors are encouraged to use the checkbox worksheets as a communication tool among their teams and with Tyndall AFB staff. The worksheets include supplemental site development criteria and do not represent all requirements. Each designer/contractor is expected to meet the general criteria listed in Section A06.